Basic Infrastructure Discovery Questions: NetSuite & Dell Boomi Implementation

NetSuite Connectivity NFRS

1. Provisioning
1.1 Provision SFTP Servers/ Redundancy/ Archiving

2. General Dev
2.1 SSH Access (Ports need to be opened)
2.2 SFTP/FTP Access

3. NetSuite Dev & Prod
3.1 NetSuite ODBC/JDBC Connection(ODBCSERVER.NETSUITE.COM/ Port: 1708)
3.2 80 for http and 443 for https SOAP

4 Dell Boomi Dev & Prod
4.1 Dell Boom Atoms will use port 443 for outbound
4.2 Provisioning Dell Boomi Atoms* (Decision Point : Onsite Atoms/ Cloud Atoms – to be made based on Integration Architecture Design)
4.3 Firewalls for Dell Boomi Atoms

5 Enterprise Network Infrastructure/ Access & Security
5.1 SFTP Server Network Plan*
5.2 SFTP Server Security Certificates*? Public/Private Key or Digital Certificates
5.3 Providing Access to these systems*? Citrix Network?

6 NetSuite Access
6.1 Bandwidth provisioning for Users based on current & forecasted demand
6.2 IP* Address Filtering
6.3 Authentication* (2 Factor)
6.4 Single Sign On* (Decision Point?) : SAML Single Sign On access to NetSuite through Microsoft Active Directory Federation Server (ADFS) 2.0

7 Printing/ Scanning
7.1 Printer IP and Ports
7.2 Scanner IP and Ports* (Pending product selection)
7.3 Barcode Scanners/ Handhelds provisioning*

* Decision Point

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