Magento :: NetSuite :: Warehouse (WMS) Integration Discovery Questions

If you want to run a few discovery sessions for a client who wants to deploy NetSuite in the ecommerce ecosystem, then here are a few questions to help you kick off. I have come up with these from my experiences deploying NetSuite in ECOMMERCE businesses. Below are targeted to Magento/NetSuite and a Warehouse Management System implementation but can be used for any ecommerce use case.

Serial Process Questions
1 GENERAL Is your webstore ( the only current sales channel or you also trade in marketplaces like eBay/ Amazon etc. If not, is there a future plan?
2 GENERAL Which is the WMS system you use today ?
3 GENERAL Are the SKUs in the warehouse barcoded?
4 GENERAL Are there any existing integrations of the WMS system to your webstore(Magento) ?  If yes, can you list the existing integrations of Magento to your WMS system?
5 GENERAL How frequently is the stock updated between WMS and Magento? (Considering the WMS is the master stockholder, is it ?)
6 GENERAL Can you list us the products/services in your business landscape? Eg. WMS/ Magento/ MailChimp/ Google Drive/ Amazon S3/ Salesforce/ PIM system/ ExactTarget/ MetaPack/ Sage/ Paypal/ Customer Service/ BaseCamp/ Tableau/ RackSpace etc
7 BUYING Does your buying team use Purchase orders?
8 BUYING If yes, which system do you use and are these POs synced to the WMS automatically?
9 BUYING How do the  buyer communicate the purchases to the Warehouse?
10 MERCHANDISING Do we have different prices for different websites?
11 MERCHANDISING Do you use special price from and to dates?
12 PRODUCTION Do you add new products manually in Magento or using a CSV import?
13 PRODUCTION Do you have separate images for the same product but for different websites?
14 PRODUCTION Do you use Configurable/ Grouped Products or Simple products in Magento?
15 PRODUCTION Do you have non inventory items?
16 PRODUCTION Do you have localised content specific to every website? (UK Site: Jumpers/ USA Site: Jackets)
17 PRODUCTION Do you use custom URL Keys for the products? Is this localised?
18 PRODUCTION Are these new items automatically synced to the WMS? What is the frequency?
19 PRODUCTION How is price uploaded?
20 GOODS IN How many new stock units received per day?
21 GOODS IN How many Top Up units received per day?
22 GOODS IN Are these units automatically synced from the WMS to Magento? What is the frequency?
23 ORDERS Orders
24 SALES ORDERS Which payment gateways do you use?
25 SALES ORDERS How frequently these sales orders need to be in the WMS for pick and pack based on your SLA?
26 SALES ORDERS Do you take orders via phone?
27 SHIPPING Do you integrate with Shipping Aggregators like MetaPack?
28 SHIPPING Do you have separate shipping rates for different websites?
29 SHIPPING Are there any volumetric weight scenario?
30 SHIPPING Do you include the shipment tracking number in the shipping confirmation emails from Magento?
31 SHIPPING Do you do partial shipments?
32 RETURNS/REFUNDS Do you do partial refunds?
33 RETURNS/REFUNDS Do you do refunds just for shipping and not necessarily put items back to stock?
34 RETURNS/REFUNDS Are your Magento refunds online?
35 CUSTOMER SERVICE Any system used for this to track customer complaints etc.?
36 MAGENTO How many Websites/ Store Views do you have?
37 MAGENTO Any non standard customizations you think will have an impact on this project?
38 MAGENTO How many currencies do you transact in?
39 MAGENTO Can you provide us with a list of external Magento Extensions used that manipulate stock/items etc.?
40 MAGENTO Which version of Magento you are on?
41 MAGENTO Do you use online and offline refunds?
42 MAGENTO List of External Services used for PIM/Image/Feeds ?
43 MAGENTO Where are product images stored?
44 MAGENTO Do you have a daily stock report?
45 TECHNOLOGY Do you have in house teams to optimise Magento API performance & capability?
46 TECHNOLOGY How many app servers do you use? (Web Servers/ Admin server/DB server etc.)
47 TECHNOLOGY Do you have in house teams to lead Magento Integration & support ?


Serial Name Volume per day
1 New Items
2 Item Edits
3 Orders
4 Order Shipments
5 Credit Memos/Returns
6 Problem Orders
7 Online Refunds
8 Offline Refunds
9 Goods In – New Stock
10 Goods In – Top Up

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