Integrating NetSuite and Magento: Questions for a successful integration

A few questions to ask your System Integrator when integrating an ecommerce platform(Magento) with NetSuite or any other ERP

1.    Slow Magento API(SOAP calls)
How do we work/scale around this with so many calls to be made for order sync, shipping sync, stock sync, pricing sync,  etc ? What is the choreography?

2.    Shipping Rules :  We have different shipping rule matrix for each website. The rules are based per website, includes free shipping for minimum cart amount, different rates for products with different shipping bands, overriding rules for carts with bulky products, restricted destinations , expensive destinations etc.

Is this something that will be synchronized ? If yes, how ?

3.    New Website Scalability: Does adding new stores/views get synced from NetSuite to Magento ? Does the products get reassigned etc?
Ex: Planned Russsia and Australia website

4.    Legacy Orders : Current website has legacy orders with discontinued payment methods. These needs to be imported to NetSuite too.

5.    Products
– Scope of Product Attributes
Attributes like URL_KEY for a product can be different for different store scopes.
Eg: UK : and USA: is the same product but different urls for usa and uk.
How will this work with Netsuite and “The Connector” ?

More similar attributes: visibility_admin/ visibility_uk etc  url_key, price_admin, price_uk, price_usa,  special_price_int, special_price_eu , news_from_date_admin, news_from_date_eu_en, news_from_date_uk_en,  news_to_date_uk_en, special_to_date_int_en, special_from_date_us_en

– Related Products ( Upsell/ Cross Sell/ Associated products)
Will these relations get synchronized ?

– New Product Attributes
From time to time we create attributes for sales promotions etc. Where will we create these in the future ? If in Magento, how will we do the mapping ?

– Creating new categories etc?
Categories in Magento Webstore is not the same as in Netsuite. How do we create a new category with different labels for different languages ( En, Arabic etc) ? Or How do they get synchronized with Magento?

– New products ?  How does the configurable products get created automatically from Netsuite. How do we assign the link attribute (size, colour etc) ?
6.    Translations ? Will this still remain in Magento ?

6.    VAT Rules/ Rates
We have a very complex matrix of VAT rules for different products types, destination countries etc. Will “The Connector” sync this with NetSuite ?

7.    Currency Configuration
All our currency conversion is now configured in Magento. How does “The Connector” sync this with NetSuite ? We are launching 21 new currencies in the next month.

8.    Promotions : Promotion rules will be configured in Magento for category and cart rules. This information need to be carried over to NetSuite for reporting. Will the Connector sync the applied promotion rules?

9.    Customers :
–  Will the Connector sync orders done using Guest checkout and how will they be recorded in NetSuite ?
– What about out of stock subscribers ?

10.    Real Time Updates of items: Doc states this to be real time but nothing is reflected in Magento till a reindex. Does “The Connector” update the index tables directly? How real time is the stock update ?

11.    Orders
– Currency : Magento tables store data in base currencies of the websites for each order. How is this handled by “The Connector” during the sync ? Magento also stores the currency selected by the customer to pay. Ex: International website has USD as base currency but the customer paid in Euros.
– Shipping Info: The shared Google Document does not have anything regarding the shipping/ deliveries export flow – “Fulfillment Export: NetSuite -> Magento” . Will “The Connector” sync this from NetSuite to Magento ? to trigger change in order status and a shipment confirmation email  to customer

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